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Park Avenue Review Leader Teaches Entrepreneurship in Qatar

By March 22, 2017News

Dr. Stephani Mason, co-founder of Park Avenue Review, just spent the past several days in Qatar, lecturing about the differences between becoming an entrepreneur or pursuing an MBA. In conjunction with the Sheikh Faisal Center for Entrepreneurship in the Middle East at DePaul University, Dr. Mason explained to the room full of students that the choice depends on one’s ambitions.

Going the MBA route often leads to a very predictable career path, first management, then corporate leadership. This tried and true model has benefits such as stability, career advancement, and the ability to specialize in one particular area of business development, if one so desires. The downsides can be feeling as if you are stuck in a holding pattern if your career doesn’t advance as fast as you’d like, monotony as the challenges in your role repeat themselves annually, and the inability to quickly “pivot” into another business category if you company or employer begins to falter.

On the other hand, entrepreneurship can make life very exciting, especially if you’re comfortable taking risks and don’t fear failure. Being an entrepreneur allows one to experience all the different parts of a business. Often at the beginning of a new business, the leader is in charge in all aspects from product development to sales to budgeting. Going this route means one can learn a lot in a short amount of time.

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